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Andrew Percy is CEO of JustWorks Computer Services which he founded in 1996. Andrew, and therefore JustWorks, has been blazing the trial for managed IT services since the beginning when JustWorks built it’s own private IPX-based WAN to connect customers all the way to today’s cloud-integrated systems. Always in relationships with his customers through their fixed fee structures, Andrew has steered JustWorks through the decades and has grown the business 100% since partnering with OneLogin. Based in the South San Francisco Bay but servicing customers from coast to coast, JustWorks continues to lead the MSP model on a never ending quest to Make IT as Simple, and as business orientated, as possible.

#Knowledge workers untethered

See how Justworks used OneLogin Desktop to give their workforce the ability to truly work anywhere at any time.

January 15th, 2020 | Posted by Andrew Percy | partner