Cloudbasiertes IAM für moderne Unternehmen

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Sicherer Zugang für alle Benutzer, alle Apps, alle Geräte

OneLogin vereinfacht das Identity and Access Management (IAM) und bietet so mehr Sicherheit und Effizienz für Unternehmen, mit einer IDaaS-Softwarelösung (Identity as a Service) in der Cloud, welcher Tausende von Kunden heute vertrauen

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Mehr als 2.000 Unternehmenskunden in aller Welt sichern ihre Anwendungen mit OneLogin ab

"If you need to be able to access all of your work, your data, your applications--no matter what device you're on or where you're at--OneLogin allows that to happen seamlessly."

GARY GRAEFF | IT Group Manager

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With OneLogin, I rolled out Office 365 to 4,000+ users across 35 offices in half an hour

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OneLogin implementation was a breeze. It was deployed in the span of a few days. It was so easy that none of the system admins had any experience with single-sign on, and it was still a breeze.


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Digital transformation is a strategic driver for Airbus. [With OneLogin] we are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business.


...the (OneLogin) team could deliver an effective replacement for the two factor authentication (2FA) solution we already had in place.


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"When you’re accessing apps through OneLogin, you never have to do anything with your password. It's a huge time saver. ROI is also substantial when you consider reduction in integration costs."

BRIM BASOM | IT Solutions Advisor

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