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The Agile Playbook: Perspectives on COVID-19, Secure Access, and the Future of Work

Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank Investor & Cybersecurity Expert – Founder & CEO Herjavec Group

Featured Speaker:
Robert Herjavec
Shark Tank Investor & Cybersecurity Expert – Founder & CEO Herjavec Group

Brad Brooks, OneLogin CEO

Keynote Speaker:
Brad Brooks
Chief Executive Officer at OneLogin

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Conversations on the Importance of Identity, Security, and Business Agility in Uncertain Times and Beyond

These are unprecedented times.

The global COVID-19 crisis has forever changed the way we do business. From enabling a 100% remote workforce at break-neck speeds, navigating emerging cybersecurity threats, adapting to economic turmoil, and planning a return to the office—business agility is the key to resiliency and success.

Hear from OneLogin, special guest Robert Herjavec, and top IT and Security thought leaders for their perspectives on:

  • The importance of agile business planning
  • Lessons from the crisis and best practices for IT and Security leaders
  • The role of IAM technology in accelerating digital transformation and initiatives
  • The future of remote work and planning for a return to the office

Watch them now!


  • Brad Brooks
    Brad Brooks

    CEO & President

  • Robert Herjavec
    Robert Herjavec

    Shark Tank Investor & Cybersecurity Expert – Founder & CEO Herjavec Group

  • Dayna Rothman
    Dayna Rothman

    Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin

  • Rick Barr
    Rick Barr

    Chief Operating Officer, OneLogin

  • Vanessa Pegueros
    Vanessa Pegueros

    Chief Trust and Security Officer, OneLogin

  • Gary Gwin
    Gary Gwin

    Sr. Director of Product, OneLogin

  • Khizar Sultan
    Khizar Sultan

    Sr. Director, Solution Engineering

  • Matt Hurley
    Matt Hurley

    VP & GM, APAC, OneLogin

  • Paul Simmonds
    Paul Simmonds

    CEO, Global Identity Foundation

  • Alex Rice
    Alex Rice

    Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, HackerOne

  • Andrew Sipes
    Andrew Sipes

    VP Ops, Strategic Business Partner, Familia Dental

  • Sam Barhoumeh
    Sam Barhoumeh

    Founder & CEO - ReadyNetworks

  • Kelli Burns
    Kelli Burns

    VP & CISO, Symetra

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