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Customer Identity and Access Management

The foundation of customer identity and access management

Whether you’re collaborating with external business partners or authenticating customers to your revenue-generating applications, the fundamentals of a strong customer identity and access management (CIAM) offering are consistent.

Customer experience

Experience & Manageability

Customers demand simple and intuitive experiences across all devices and platforms.

Customer authentication

Authentication & Risk

Secure, customizable login flows, identity protection, account takeover mitigation and comprehensive multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.

CIAM scaling

Migration & Integration

Migration is simple, and invisible to end-users. Integration to everything is easy with our modern, centralized cloud directory.

CIAM integration

Availability at Scale

Identity that operates at the pace of your business - downtime or service issues are not an option.

Simplify user management & identity operations

User management and identity operations can be complex and labor-intensive, especially at the massive scale common in the CIAM world. OneLogin abstracts the complexity away from managing users, configuring access policies, layering security, and even migrating from existing identity platforms.

OneLogin’s cloud directory is a centralized identity store in the cloud. It can be a minimal directory capturing just the amount of profile data needed to authenticate the customer—or be enriched with data from different sources. Use it as the store for customer identities or synchronize with LDAP and Active Directory identity stores through our pre-built integrations.

  • Streamline user registration with self-service registration via API.
  • Employ pre-built directory connectors to integrate with user stores such as Active Directory and LDAP
  • Simplify migration of user stores for an experience that is easy for you and transparent to end-users.
  • Define access privileges with intuitive, configurable mappings and a powerful access policy engine.

CIAM cloud directory
OneLogin single sign-on

Deliver simple, secure customer experiences

Customers expect a consistent, trusted login experience across all devices and applications.

Single sign-on (SSO) with SAML or OpenID Connect allows customers to sign into applications without using a password. SSO strengthens security and reduces friction during the sign-in and registration process.

Once authenticated, customers can seamlessly sign into any application that has a trust relationship with OneLogin. If your online portal consists of multiple, discrete applications, customers still have a streamlined, seamless user experience.

Social sign-in

Social registration and login

Usernames and passwords are obstacles in the buying path. Eliminate friction in the customer registration and authentication process by allowing customers to use social login via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.


Federation for B2B

If your customers are other businesses, they may already have an IAM solution. Set up a trust relationship between their identity provider and OneLogin, so their users can sign in without entering a password.

Branded login page

Capitalize on your brand

Fully brand the login and registration experience. Integrate your existing login form via our REST APIs or brand our standard login page to make it your own.

Protect your customers & business with powerful security

Passwords alone are not enough to protect your customers and your business from malicious activity and account takeover. Employ modern security tactics while preserving an intuitive and simple user experience.

Multi-factor authentication for better security
Allow or enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased protection against brute spray password attacks. Offer flexible MFA with authentication factors including OneLogin Protect one-time-password (OTP) app, email, SMS, voice, WebAuthn for biometric factors, plus a range of third party options.

Add adaptive authentication to streamline authentication with machine-learning that prompts customers for an additional factor only during high-risk login attempts.

Gain added visibility into user behavior and potential risk by streaming login events to your SIEM in real-time via event hubs and webhooks.

Secure multi-factor authentication
Developer API

Purpose-built for developers with toolkits & APIs

You’re unique and so are your business needs. That’s why OneLogin is built to be developer-friendly. With its rich APIs and toolkits, you can easily integrate your existing web properties with OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™ for user synchronization, authentication, and single sign-on. We are constantly expanding the developer capabilities for our customer identity and access management system, so you can create the most compelling yet secure experiences for your customers.

Deliver a trusted, on-brand user experience with customizable authentication experiences powered by OneLogin APIs.

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  • SCIM
  • Trusted IdP
  • Provisioning

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CIAM availability

Performance at the scale & speed of your business

Identity must operate at the pace of your business - downtime or service issues are not an option. OneLogin offers the scale required to support millions of customer transactions at the pace of your business, eliminating redundancy to ensure uptime and fast authentication. Our infrastructure is purpose-built for high throughput and able to process high volume of transactions.

Data protection

OneLogin’s security-first commitment

As a security vendor, OneLogin understands the criticality of protecting your users, their data, and your business. Visit our Security and Privacy page to see a comprehensive list of our compliance achievements.

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