The Crisis of Connection: Addressing the Impact of Remote Work on Employee Connectivity and Business Results

COVID-19 and the move to remote work has forever changed the way we operate as businesses. While many businesses had already moved towards digital transformation, the pandemic has considerably accelerated this necessary outcome. However, this rapid shift has impacted how we connect as humans in the workplace and many people are struggling.

Join our panel featuring Courtney Harrison, Chief People Officer at OneLogin, Greg Pryor, SVP, People and Performance Evangelist at Workday, Chris Yates, Chief People Officer at Ford, and Bindu Garapaty, PsyD to discuss how to overlay human communications with digital transformation. You will learn:

  • The impacts of remote work on employee connectivity
  • The role of informal networks in remote work
  • Addressing mental health challenges as part of a healthy business strategy
  • How empathy has a lasting impression on your employees and customers

Presenters include:

OneLogin webinar presenter:

Courtney Harrison

Chief Human Resources Officer

OneLogin webinar presenter:

Greg Pryor

Co-Founder Connected Commons, SVP, People & Performance Evangelist

OneLogin webinar presenter:

Chris Yates

Chief People Officer

OneLogin webinar presenter:

Bindu Garapaty, PsyD

Co-founder and CEO, The Happy Leader

OneLogin webinar presenter:

Alexa Slinger

Product Marketing Manager

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